Exivisual DecoPainting® is a company that provide first-class interior and exterior painting for all types of commercial sites. We understand the challenges of painting restaurants and retail spaces whether interior or exterior, we have developed techniques and strategies to resolve any complication during the painting process.
Our painting services incorporate project management and communication with our clients as a standard procedure for all commercial, residential, interior and exterior painting services.

Retail painting services include:

  • Exterior and Interior painting services
  • Exterior power washing of buildings and walkways
  • Color matching and color consultation
  • Light carpentry repairs and wood replacement
  • Off hours and weekend production

Apartment buildings, Condominium and Office buildings

Exivisual DecoPainting has a vast experience in painting apartment buildings, HOAs and condos. We help you to conserve, protect and maintain the value and the beauty of your properties.

We specialize in:

  • Condominiums
  • Apartments
  • HOAs
  • Residential Property Management
  • Office Space Buildings

We’ll meet with your facility management team to coordinate painting schedules that fully meets your requirements in terms of the final results, we’ll communicate progress and we’ll complete your project on time and on budget.
Project management and customer communications set the standard by which all painting services are
Measured. Our services incorporate a set of procedures and principles that encompass all our experience in the painting business whether is commercial or residential properties.

Our services of apartment building, condo and office building painting services include:

  • Interior and exterior painting services
  • Exterior buildings power washing, including walkways
  • Color consultation and color matching
  • Drywall repair and replacement
  • Light carpentry repairs and wood replacement and
  • Off hours and weekend production

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